Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

iscsi, gigE

A group of people forked the Ardis iSCSI target and made "The iSCSI Enterprise Target", which fixes a lot of bugs and works with Linux 2.6.

iSCSI initiator stuff is starting to appear in the 2.6.10-bk kernels, as pointed out by mulix.

I upgraded my home network to gigabit today. Man, what a pain ... ended up rearranging a lot of gear so I could get by with only one gigabit switch. My DSL connection comes into the bedroom now, oddly, but that's connected to the garage (the one gigabit switch), so it means I don't need a gigabit switch in my office anymore, etc, etc.... bleh.

netperf TCP_STREAM increased from 94 Mbps to 512 Mbps. Transactions/second (latency test) went down, though. I recall the e1000 driver having an interrupt coallescing option, though, so I'll play later.

The whole point of this is to try and get iSCSI-on-root working quickly on my diskless workstation, to eliminate a lot of NFS roundtrips and let my desktop cache more. Oh, and it's kinda work related, so anything I learn iSCSI-related is useful.

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