Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Porsche Clarification (there is none)

Stopping a rumor before it starts....

In 2001 I was testing something in our support system and I posted a fake support request:
If I sold on Ebay, could I buy a Porsche?

Did I spell Porsche correctly?

Would I have to give Ebay money? How's that work? I've never used Ebay.

I need a backrub.

I need to sleep.
For clarification: I am NOT going to buy a Porsche, nor did I already, etc, etc.

I did, however, buy a car like 3.5 months ago but it was not a Porsche, and it wasn't relying on or anticipating any acquisition money. In fact, the deal wasn't even close to done back then.

Cool? Cool.
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