Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Flat tire

Last night I was driving through a crappy parking lot and hit the biggest goddamn pothole I've ever seen. I'd known it was a crappy parking lot so I was already driving incredibly slowly, but the pothole was big enough to jolt my car like crazy and kill my front-right tire.

So once I realized the car was pulling to the right I pulled over around a corner off the main road (which I'd just turned onto out of the parking lot) and pulled right behind a Korean family also changing their tire.

They'd hit the same pothole.

Meanwhile, two random brothers (23 and 20) who were eating at the restaurant across the street were helping the Korean couple change their tire, which they were able to do once I turned on my headlights for them. (it was like 34 degrees, dark, and raining). It turns out the 20 year-old brother spoke Korean (and Spanish, and Japanese), so he was helping them.

After he helped them, he came back to try and help Dina and I, but my wheels are bizarre, and I didn't have a flashlight. Roadside assistance came about the same time the brothers started helping us, so we stepped back and talked, and we invited them to the party that we were on the way to. (luckily my car has a full-sized spare)

So then it turns out the 20 year-old-brother also swing dances, so he was dancing with a bunch of the girls at Tab's place, and ended up snuggling all night on the couch with one of them, and then going home with her.

Yeah, random night.
Tags: lang
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