Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Mexico in a nutshell:

-- Thursday: arrive, lose my luggage at the airport (stolen? lost? dunno. it was sitting right next to me at the bar while we waited for everybody to get in....) ... walk up the beach

-- every day: drinking, hot tub, swimming in ocean, pool, walking around the city, going out to dinner, crazy, crazy taxi drivers, drinking at/in the hotel....

-- Friday: buying me new clothes at Gigante (could've gone to Walmart too, but it was further away and things were already getting sketch so far off the main tourist drag) ... drinking 40s on the street corner... walking up and down the beach...

-- Saturday: freak rain storm... city flooded... navigated city avoiding flooded streets best we could... went to Carnaval party in the streets later (rain had died)... birthday dinner.... went to a club de mujeres sin ropa... lisa got quoted prices for sex without even asking for it... got glared at by lots of mexicans.... gringos not belonging, etc. we wanted to buy them drinks to piss them off more, but we didn't get around to it. probably would get our asses kicked anyway.

-- Sunday: booze cruise ... out to another beach where we rode horses and banana boat and ate and played in the ocean ... (pics not developed yet.... waiting for PhotoCD) drunk mexican guy angry we didn't speak spanish... except our spanish was better than his english. whatever.

-- Monday: playing in pool/ocean/beach... volleyball... back to airport. got my luggage back from security. who knows.

Some pictures: (the fun-in-the-sun pictures are the ones on film.... had forgot my digital camera...)
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