Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Life status post

Moving to San Francisco next week:

Mon Feb 21st: movers pick-up our stuff
Tue Feb 22nd: drive to california
Wed Feb 23rd: movers deliver our stuff, DSL hookup (6Mbps/768k (!))

Our house is in disarray while we pack and get it ready to sell. It's 46 degrees out but I'm wearing shorts because I can't find any jeans.

Dina tore up the bathrooms a number of months back to repaint, but the project was never completed, so we're having people rush in to finish that up.

Dina's trying to sell her Nissan Pathfinder in the next couple of days here. She's got some bites.

I have a bunch of old-but-good computers and large CRTs to get rid of, so we built a computer for Dina's grandpa who's been obsessing over getting one the past year. Less stuff to move!

I have to start cancelling a bunch of utilities/services.

This week at work we're doing the 5-best-restaurants tour (one per day).

Fun times.
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