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Drive tester [Feb. 17th, 2005|03:47 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick
After the big Internap power failure recently, we no longer trust any storage product to work as advertised.

I wrote a program to test disks/RAIDs and Matthew's been running it, finding out that, indeed, disks and RAIDs lie.

The test works like this:

-- Matthew goes to storage vendor with his laptop and crossover-connects his laptop and the server to be tested.

-- Matthew runs the server half of my disk tester on his laptop.

-- Matthew then runs the spewer client on a raw(8)-ified disk partition. the client picks random 16kB-aligned offsets on the partition and picks a random 32-bit number which it writes in hex (%08x) over a 16kB range. it reports to the spewserver both BEFORE and AFTER the disk write.

-- the server notes what the client said it was about to do and what it reported doing.

-- let it run for awhile....

-- Pull the power...

-- server notices client hasn't sent anything in 3 seconds, quits, writing out a map of what 32-bit number pattern should be at each sector.

-- power on server

-- copy map file laptop (spewserver) to the server, run spewclient in verify mode. it dumps a histogram of errors per seconds-before-powerloss:

Histogram of seconds before end:
3 31
4 7
5 1
65 1

Well, the 3 seconds is really because the "end" is considered time AFTER the 3 second timeout, so that's kinda a bug. That should read 0,1,2 seconds before, not 3,4,5. But see how there are 31 regions that are bogus at t=0, 7 at t=-1, and 1 at t=-2?

That means something was lying, and we don't buy that hardware until we get it configured so it doesn't lie.

[User Picture]From: supersat
2005-02-18 02:08 am (UTC)
What was the vendor's response?
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