Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

t-7.5 hours til move

The movers come in about 7.5 hours to empty the house into a truck. We've spent most the day packing, except for breakfast at Reedville Cafe, dinner at Mingo (damn I love their Gnocchi(?)), and the movie theater to watch The Aviator.

Stacks of boxes are everywhere. Fortunately we're ditching a lot of stuff: all halloween and christmas decorations, all lawn maintenance stuff, and a fair bit of furniture. So in a couple weeks we're flying back anyway so we'll throw a garage sale or something then.

I packed my home server pretty carefully, but I took one side of the RAID-1 out and packed it carefully and separately and I'll take it in the car. The odds of both sides getting destroyed is less that way.

The movers will be here from like 8:30 am until maybe 1 am. The rest of the day tomorrow will be cleaning the house.

The house goes on the market on Wednesday, the day after we leave. It's increased in value quite a bit since I bought it, so that's cool. (new huge park 4 houses away, new elementary school a block and a half away, new road connecting the street to a major road.... but mostly the park I think.)

Tomorrow (today) night there's a goodbye/closing dinner with the bankers/laywers/accountant who helped me through the sale. My parents will also be there and I'll snag an air mattress from them.

Tuesday morning the carpet cleaners come between 8am-9am, do their thing, and then we drive the 640 miles south to San Francisco. We're taking both the Audi and the Honda, and Dina's selling her Pathfinder. She's got some good bites already (one in particular that's almost a done deal), and her sister will take over selling it.

Wednesday the movers arrive and unload, and we get our Speakeasy OneLink 6.0Mbps/768Kbps DSL hooked up.

Thursday I go to work. (though I think that's the day there's a anti-web-spam conference at Yahoo all day, so that'll be my first day "at work" not at work.) But Friday I'll be _at_ work.

Saturday --- unpack, bike, hang out with Nick/Evan/Frank? I don't know anybody really in Portland so it'll be cool knowing people in the city.

I should sleep. Adios.
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