Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Yeah, we made it. We're now San Franciscans. With the exception of dina getting a flat tire, the drive was pretty uneventful.

The truck with all our stuff didn't arrive today, but it comes tomorrow at 10 am. Likewise, our Internet hook-up was delayed for some reason. Miscommunication or something. I'll cope. Six wireless networks show up as options, but none seem to work. I love WiFi.

Today involved a search for pants and hanging out with jwz (and later Angela) most the day, eating, shopping, walking around, eating more, etc...

Over at Krista and Ben's now, which is pretty close to our place.

Tomorrow: Technorati meeting at Yahoo about "web spam". So driving to Sunnyvale while Dina directs the unpacking of the truck and watches them fight the TV into the house, no doubt.

More later.

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