Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

still alive

No net access at home yet. Guess the DSL loop's installed as of today, but I don't have the modem yet? I have a few DSL modems... I should try some and see if it's live already. In any case, my office and the wiring at home is far from done. I bought a spool of white cat-5 and white nail-in clippy things at Home Depot the other day. It'll eventually be wired.

Look what I saw on 101: BLOGGER car. Anybody know what dork that is? He had dark hair and a short beard.

My house in Oregon is pretty much sold. Had like 7 offers within a day or two of putting it on the market. Just paperwork at this point I think.

The bike ride to work is nice and easy. Much better than paying for parking.

Nothing else to report.
Tags: bike, img

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