Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Back on the net

Our DSL got hooked up this morning.

Speakeasy: 6.0 Mbps down, 768 Kbps up.

The modem came up at 6.0/768 with plenty of noise to spare, and speed tests confirm it's working that fast: 620-640 KB/s downloads.... after IP headers, etc, not bad... I got like 140-150 before.

Now I can start uploading photos and doing sysadmin work from home, and Dina can start looking for a job, and .... we didn't realize how much we used the net before.

I'm going to build a MythTV box because I want to record in HD and playback in HD, and the only other good option (HD-DirectTivo) is $999 and $42/month. I'd prefer my option: ~$500 and nothing per month. The VGA to HD component adapter is $100... ordered that today. I already have a PCI card to record HD. (but to add to the cost, it's like $150). So then a case, 512 MB ram, $60 video card, proc.... and ready to go. Already have the IR receiver, and that was like $10 at the time.

Maybe I should run a side business selling high-def MythTV boxes. :-) (well, gotta build mine first.... but it doesn't seem too hard.)
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