Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Bay Area NBC

I can't receive NBC over the air, neither digital nor analog. This puts a serious damper on my MythTV plans, for without NBC I can't watch The West Wing. Sure, I could download it, or even script the downloading of it, but I was hoping this would be 100% legal.

I'm on the north face of the Bernal Heights hill, and NBC is only broadcast from San Jose, some other place more south of San Jose, and Sacramento.

Why can't NBC broadcast from Sutro Tower like everybody else? I'm 2 miles away from Sutro ("Spewtron" ?) w/ perfect line-of-sight and I can get every other network perfectly.

Maybe a roof-mounted antenna would help me get NBC from San Jose. Who would I call about installing that for me? Including running cable alongside the house or whatever, getting it into the living room and/or garage. I'm scared shitless to climb on this roof of all roofs.

The OpenCable "cable card" spec looks interesting, if only there was Linux support for a reader. If that existed, then I'd pay for cable (if it came in HD).

DirectTV options for HD network channels are crap around here. All this stuff about needing to get waivers saying you live where you do so DirectTV will give you access to the feeds from LA or New York, which is all they carry? Screw DirectTV.

In conclusion: need good roof-mounted antenna to get NBC. Hopefully.

Update: Some history.
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