Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Life Update

Guess I haven't posted in a week. Time for an update, eh?

Biking (to work) a lot. Getting in shape. Biking is much faster than driving, given the highway condition and/or all the stop signs/lights a car would have to deal with. I haven't timed the ride to work yet, but it's like 15-20 minutes I'd guess.

MythTV box is coming along. Still waiting for the particular VGA-HDTV adapter so I can plug the thing into the TV. It's en route from PA right now.

My house in Oregon is almost closed. I got like 7 offers on it within days of putting it on the market. Turns out the guy who's buying it, once he found out my name on some form, knows who I am (from Internet world). Small world.

Going to San Diego next week for E-Tech, and Portland next weekend to wrap some stuff up and go to some friends' wedding.

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