Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

The long way home: beautiful bike ride

I got to work really early this morning, ate my sandwich at my desk, and left early at 4:30 because the weather was so awesome to take a long bike ride home.

Click to enlarge:
Bike ride

The Presidio is confusing, but I biked along with an Australian dude and after telling him I was new to the area he explained anything and everything to me... my own personal biking tour guide. Pretty rad.

Coming down Point Lobos Ave onto the Pacific ocean was the coolest. I need to bring Dina to "Cliff House", whatever that is. Killer view.

Killer views everywhere, actually. Loved all the surfers and windsurfers under the Golden Gate. Even all the tourists and bars and shops up north.

The worst part of the ride was coming back home on Mission. A mountain bike would've fared a little better. Holy shit that road's terrible.

But good ride. And now I have a lot better idea what a lot of those areas are like.
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