Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

jsdraw archive

I made jsdraw (see previous entry) save the screen whenever somebody wipes the board:

And yeah, sorry for forgetting to mention that you can't use it too long else Mozilla shits itself and possibly kills your machine.

Today I'll be making it leapfrog two connections back and forth, initiating the second one to start connecting once the first has downloaded like 1MB, so neither one is open too long and Mozilla can release the responseText of the XmlHttpRequest. I just need to add sequence numbers to the event stream coming down so the client can know where to pick up in the second thread without duplicating things. (which wouldn't be bad, except for chat items)

Oh yeah, I'm at ETech in San Diego. Never been to one before. I'm crossing my fingers it's not just a bunch of self-important people frothing at the mouth about changing the world with their latest buzzword. But I remain optimistic because there are enough cool people I want to meet and hear talk.

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