Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Weekend update

Still in Portland. Visiting people, friend's wedding, cleaned out the garage at the old house (sale closes Tuesday), signing some stuff... etc etc. Coming back to San Francisco tonight, 11:20 pm.

Had breakfast with scsi and xotiffany this morning. They were in town picking up Tiffany's stuff, and driving back to the bay area today. Suckas. I told them I'd wave as dina and I flew over them. But they have some of our stuff in the car, so we should be nice. :-)

In geekier news, this project:

... led me to read about Erlang, which I'm so excited about trying. I've wanted such a language for a long time now and I didn't even know it existed. So cool. I would've been totally confused looking at the docs and code samples but it looks similar in lots of ways to Haskell, which I've been half-heartedly learning about, for purely curious reasons.

Between that and the javascript / "AJAX" hackery of late, there's just so much stuff to play with.

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