Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

LiveJournal user agents

The cool thing about LJ's logging system is that we can attach to it and subscribe to the stream of hits and do realtime stats. Yesterday I wrote a bunch of quick regexps to infer browser versions and operating systems from user agent strings. (doing things like checking for "Safari" before Gecko because Safari advertises that it's "like Gecko")

The results: (20 second sample, removing all LJ clients and web spiders....)

31059 MSIE 6.0
10473 Firefox
1438 Safari
1263 Opera
892 MSIE 5.5
341 MSIE 5.0
208 MSIE 5.01
166 MSIE 5.23
148 MSIE 5.22
124 MSIE 4.01
121 MSIE 5.17

And operating systems: (about 15 seconds)

26130 Windows
1566 Mac
304 Linux

Linux may only have 1%, but at least FireFox is kicking ass up there at like 25%.
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