Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Cingular is so stupid. (UPDATE: and Sprint)

Example of a company that doesn't get it:

They used to provide a clean MMS-to-email conversion like everybody else, but now they've decided they want to use the feature (which customers already pay for) to advertise to the recipients.

Now, we could regexp it all to death, but that'll only work for maybe a month before they change it again.

Sprint at least does all that crap, but embeds an XML document in the HTML comments of their spam that contains the raw data URLs, so we can regexp it to find the XML document and that'll presumably work for a bit longer than a month.

Standards.... so many to pick from. OR JUST PICK NONE AND SEND HTML EMAIL!


Update: Sprint is also dumb beyond words:

It's a constant arms race with these guys. So depressing.
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