Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Dear Lazyweb, .... Linux::AIO on ia64, hppa, and alpha

If anybody can get the CPAN module Linux::AIO to build (and test correctly) on one or all of IA64, Alpha, and HPPA, I'll buy you a beer and a permanent account. Here's the Debian buildd results so you can see how it's failing. (You don't need to use Debian, though... I'll take contest entries in raw diff format against the Linux::AIO distribution. Offer not valid for Florida residents or where prohibited by law. :P)

And/or, modify Perlbal to use File::FDpasser to portably do async stats/opens/closes in a child process. Won't be as fast, but it'd work on FreeBSD, whose users are currently unable to use Perlbal in webserver mode (and thus unable to use MogileFS).

But if FDpasser is slower than Linux::AIO by enough to matter, we can make Perlbal's core use Linux::AIO on Linux and FDpasser everywhere else.
Tags: lazyweb, perl, tech

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