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Brad Fitzpatrick

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take me out to the ballgame [May. 1st, 2005|02:40 pm]
Brad Fitzpatrick

Go M's!
Too bad the extreme marketing distracts from the game. Its a baseball under the hat not a bagel


[User Picture]From: randyl
2005-05-01 09:44 pm (UTC)

To click or not to click

I knew that was Safeco. I found your image from my web site (latest LJ image uploads): http://www.randyl.com. Funny how technology connectx.
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[User Picture]From: nick
2005-05-02 01:41 pm (UTC)
Ya, then you'd be wrong... because it's the Oakland Colisseum
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[User Picture]From: randyl
2005-05-02 03:48 pm (UTC)
Good thing I'm not a baseball fan. I'll stick to the NBA; Go Koren Robinson!
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