Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

command-line bug/todo/issue tracking

Is there a good bug/todo/issue tracking system that does both of:

-- stable, defined API for external clients to use. No, not just doing an HTTP POST to the parameters that the current version happens to use, and then screen-scraping the HTML result.

-- dependencies Bugzilla has these. FogBogz doesn't, I hear. But then FogBugz doesn't have an API either.

That's all I want. Then I can do little command-line apps to add items, add dependencies, list my things, move jobs between people, etc. And edit my entire to-do list in $EDITOR and sync it with "minitask sync" or something.

I find typical issue tracking systems way too heavy. I can't use FogBugz or Bugzilla for most my stuff because I add/remove small items (to my scraps of paper) too quickly. But I don't want to use scraps of paper. And I want to be able to throw items from my scraps of paper to others.

If this mythical system I dream of did have a web interface (and it should, for people who like those sorts of things), it'd just be a consumer of the API, and not hit the database (be it a database, svn, flat files) itself at all. It could be a 100 line perl *.cgi file for all I care, and it'd be plenty fast.

What am I looking for? This project's too boring to write.
Tags: perl, tech

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