Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Best weekend ever

Spent the past 3 nights on a houseboat on Lake Shasta. 16 people or so involved, some part time. Events included:

-- enjoying pretty nature (pic from evan)
-- diving off the houseboat's roof
-- water skiing (we also rented a fast boat)
-- inflatable raft thing behind fast boat
-- drinking
-- peanuts
-- diving off the roof
-- fire
-- swimming
-- playing with doggy
-- diving off the roof
-- doing the whitaker dance on the top, front of the boat
-- crazy adventures running out of gas
-- ... etc

So fucking beat. Every muscle in my body, even ones I didn't know I had, are aching.

You can read dina's post too. Or whitaker's. Or evan's.

xotiffany took 2.5GB of pictures (she likes sports mode), and I have 300 MB or so. She has some great ones of us diving off the boat. Waiting for her to upload them.
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