Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Ghetto electronics

When I was in Germany for a month in 2002 I'd planned ahead and brought a plug/voltage converter from Radio Shack. Little did I know that Radio Shack was behind the times and their European plug was useless, not being circular in-set. So while I was in Germany I hunted down an electronics parts store, I found a plug-adapter (not voltage-adapter) that went from Euro plug to American (or Euro!) plug. But on the American plug side it still had the round in-set, so I chiseled away at it with my fingernail clippers. Once I got 3/4 of it off, I was then able to plug in my Radio Shack wall-wart into the now-sticking-out-of-the-hole adapter.

Ghetto plug adapter

End result: whenever I go to Europe, I now bring my ghetto little piece of chiseled plastic so I can plugin my laptop (which happily accepts 220v) or my crappy Radio Shack power adapter for things like my cellphone.

aaah yea'.
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