Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Phone Post: quarters

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“So, uh, we still got like fifty-five minutes before our movie--hic--dyah, movie starts because, uh, umm, our dinner reservations, uh, were a little early and we didn't take that long eating so we're at the movie theater (hic) like fifty-five minutes before we actually need to watch the movie.

So, uh, I was like, hey look, I got a quarter in my little breast pocket here because, uh, I took the bus to work today because, umm, the weather wasn't too in--hic--interesting and I was like, fuck, I don't want to ride the bike, so, umm, [???] the bus to work, I haven't done that in three, four weeks now. It's a dollar twenty-five--hic--to ride the bus, but I, I always forget, is it a dollar twenty-five or is it a dollar-fifty? So I brought six quarters with me today, and then it turned out it was only a dollar twenty-five, so I've buh been carrying around this ex--hic--extra quarter all day, so now I'm sitting here at the movie theater, and I'm like, yo I have fifty-five minutes before the movie starts, maybe I'll go play a little videogame, but (a) all the video games look pretty fucking dumb, and (b) uhm, a single quarter doe--hic--doesn't do anything, can't even watch a single videogame, can't play a single videogame with a single quarter--so, like, some videogames are like a dollar and some video games are like two dollars... and I got a single quarter, and--hic--uh, that's pretty lame.

Oh, except for, Dina just came back and she's got like eight-hundred quarters or something, so uh, I think she wants to play videogames maybe? or like use those little claw things and grab like eight billion of those little uh--hic--uh, sponge-man-bob like stuffed animals, that'll probably take like eighteen tries to get 'em at two dollars so it's like, it's like a lot of money.

So um, yeah, I guess were gonna play some videogames now, but umn, they all look pretty dumb, so, I don't know how I feel about that... I'll probably play some race car. Alright, bye.”

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