Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

linear search

A linear search of my entire journal text isn't too slow with InnoDB. In fact it's pretty damn fast.

Props to InnoDB and how our indexes are setup to cluster all rows based on primary key of form (journalid, jitemid)... so an entire journal is next to each other in the b-trees/disk.

People/things I've mentioned a lot:

whitaker: 134
perl: 176
dina: 210
evan: 234
nick: 308
blythe: 434
eli: 596

(you can tell I use LJ a lot less than during college, eh?)

And <lj user=...> I do a lot:

35 whitaker
30 evan
24 dina
20 nick
14 lisa
12 sherm
8 erik
8 eli
7 jproulx
6 avva
6 calliste
6 mart
6 alanj
6 jwz
5 xb95
5 scsi
5 tigerentchen
5 krow
4 revjim
4 blythe
4 tydel
4 dantes_crew
4 jessicka
4 marcuso
4 patrick
4 toast
3 vanbeast
3 bradfitz
3 brad
Tags: mysql, perl, tech

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