Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Patch flood

In the past week or so I've become flooded with patches for Danga::Socket, Perlbal, MogileFS, etc. Not sure what the recent interest is. Normal slow growth/acceptance I guess.

Qpsmtpd now requires Danga::Socket I hear, and GUBA (NSFW) uses Perlbal (with internal reproxy) for permissions/auditing. I guess they're also starting to use MogileFS.

The GUBA people sent me a patch to Perlbal to add byte range support, so now LiveJournal and PicPix and MogileFS get that for free.... nice!

Also gave mart cvs commit access a few weeks prior so he can commit LJ-related things and I don't have to deal with his regular patch flood as much. :-)

I made Danga::Socket portable the other day, and now Perlbal is portable as well, using IO::AIO instead of Linux::AIO.

So I'm pretty happy. Sucked having such a wonderful codebase that only ran on x86 Linux and only we used. Looks like that's changing pretty quick.
Tags: perl, tech

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