Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Ahhhhhh yeah... who's the certified sunburnt scuba diver now sitting around in his boxers with a refreshing iced tea?

Yeah, that's right!

Our last dive today was finally awesome. (after our first three skill-testing dives, where we demonstrated the things we'd learned in the pool last weekend...) It was me, whitaker, and daveman692, along with one of the guys that works at the dive shop. We did 46 feet and 32 minutes. Absolutely kick-ass.... some of the coolest sights and feelings (floating / flying) ever.

Best part was Whitaker slapping off my mask and regulator. I didn't suck down any water, nor consciously panic (both losing the mask and/or regulator is no big deal), but I heard later that in panic situations you breathe fuller(?) or something (lungs filled more while breathing) so as I'm recovering the regulator I also notice that I'm floating up (from the extra volume of air in my now-huge lungs). And as you float up, the gas in your BC expands, making you climb faster and faster. (which is why you always release air as you ascend, so you can control your ascent rate and don't get the bends) ...

So there I am recovering my regulator, then both releasing air from my butt purge valve (reaching for that damn string behind you), facing straight down, and kicking as fast as I could to offset my bouyancy, all while looking through a mask halfway off my face and 3/4 full of cold salt water.

It took longer to type that all than the event took, and it wasn't really a big deal, so I realize now I should've talked about the pretty fishies and ginormous crabs and starfish instead, but I don't know their names, and now dinner's ready, so bye.
Tags: scuba

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