Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Perlbal name change imminent

A lot of people have been telling me lately what I've long suspected: The name "perlbal" is fucking terrible. I suppose this is good, though... it means people are using it, even if they hate the name.

But I think I should rename it sooner than later. People hate the name because:

-- it has Perl in it, so people think it only works with Perl. ( is behind Perlbal, incidentally)
-- it has Perl in it, so people think it's ugly/slow/____ (insert Perl predisposition)
-- the "bal" part is kinda useless

And I hate it because it was a working name that never changed.

After lots of thinking, I'm leaning towards the new name splice, but I'd like your thoughts.

Rationale on splice:

-- would get good Google loving. hell, the simple word "pound" is google #1 hit.
-- technically the correct word: we're splicing together connections
-- nice ring for non-tech people
-- one day we might use TCPSP for TCP splicing, which advertises it'd be good for "layer-7 switching, web proxy and application firewall running in the user space".... which is us.
-- one day we might use Larry McVoy's long-proposed splice() system call, now being worked on again after many years by Linus Torvals.

Pros, cons?
Tags: perlbal, tech
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