Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Dina birthday overview

Yesterday was Dina's birthday. Because I'm so popular in this city and can get reservations anywhere on a moment's notice, I got 10:30 reservations at Quince. That's right... 10:30, ahhh yeah. But worked out because it gave us time to hit foo bar and slowly get ready at home.

But then Whitaker crashed his car into some other dude's car (whose birthday it was), delaying his and Erin's arrival at the restaurant for Dina's birthday dinner. Pretty dope getting dropped off at a nice restaurant in a tow truck, though.

So now we're off to San Diego for the weekend for a friend's wedding on a boat. And Sea World apparently. Dina's excited about the penguins.
Tags: life, travel

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