Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Treo 650

I wanted to build a "My Business Card" feature for LiveJournal, where each user can enter in all their vCard contact info (address, city, state, mobile, home, work, etc, etc.) and for each field, choose which friend group to share it with, or choose one global group for all of it.

Then a user could go to and get an aggregate *.vcf file of all their friends' vCard data, optionally complete with userpics (since you can put those in vcf files).

But my phone (Treo 650) doesn't support vCard 2.1's UID property, which is supposed to prevent collisions on import/merge, so every time I download my aggregate vcf file I get duplicate records of anything I had from the previous import....


Baby jesus cry.
Tags: hate, phone, tech, treo, work
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