Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


Went innertubin' down the Russian River yesterday with Dina, Evan, Erin, Tessa, and 6 other folks, mostly from Macromedia (Evan's roommates and friends).

Pretty much the coolest thing I know of, floating down a river/rapids in a tube, with a cooler of beer on its own tube in tow, finding three rope swings and using them all.......

Yeah, that's what every weekend should be.

I'm on a panel tonight at 5pm at Webzine about "$elling out: etc, etc, doing things you love". After that, drinks with chuck, who's in town.

Now that the TV season's started, it's time to get my MythTV box finally setup. The PC-HDTV 3000 drivers have now been in the Linux mainline for months, so it should be less painful this time around.
Tags: fun, life
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