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Missing AC adapters

I have a dozen bins of electronics, sorted by function:

-- networking
-- phones (cell and land)
-- audio
-- power cords (extension & computer) & strips
-- power adapters
-- computer

Each one is overflowing with nicely labeled plastic bags, often listing the length of the cord (if ethernet), and the voltage and amperage (if an AC adapter), etc. It's a pretty good system. The plastic bags are the trick... without them it's a rat's nest of interlocked cables, and the system's useless.

Today dina finally got annoyed by no wireless in the house (I've never set it up) and asked I set it up.

No prob, right? I probably have enough cat-5, switches, and WAPs to network the whole neighborhood.

Yeah, but I can't find a working AC adapter. I need either 12 VDC 1.0A or 5 VDC of unknown amperage. I found the 12 V one, but it doesn't light up the WRT54G and just ends up getting really hot. I went to test it with a voltmeter, but the battery(!!) to the voltmeter is dead. Why does a voltmeter need a battery to measure voltage? Useless. And it's some bizarre non-standard battery.

Scratch that --- on to the 5V WAP11. But I can't find any 5V AC adapter around here except for three that are 1.2A and don't fit.

Went to look online to get a new AC adapter... $9 + $9 shipping. Hell if I'm gonna pay $18 for a new wallwart. I can get a whole new WAP for like $70 at Central Computer.

I don't know any electronics surplus stores around here. Surely I can go somewhere local and buy an AC adapter?
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