Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

the content-addressable internet

I've always been a fan[1] of files/patches/changesets represented by digest, but here's another cool case:

Mailing list post, "Yes, that was fixed in 55820ee2f8c767a2833b21bd365e5753f50bd8ce".

Without going to a git browser, and without updating my local sources, I just google it using Firefox and presto, there it is.

Props to Google for not restricting the length of search terms.

[1] In theory, if the hash function is good. Not MD5. Arguably not SHA-1, either, lately. I think any content-addressable system should prepend the digest with the function's name: "tiger:f8c767a2833b2f8c767a2833b2", etc., to future-proof it.
Tags: tech

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