Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Shelf Project

Me with half of shelfDavid, Dina, and I went to Home Depot after work. David needed to replace a party-broken light fixture, and Dina and I were just bored.

Frustrated after not finding any shelving for my bins, I found a piece of trash cardboard and made a plan for a shelf.

David pointed out that I lacked a lot of tools to make said plan, so David helped me find a chop saw, chuck key (I'd lost mine), new bits, screws, and L brackets.

We managed to fit seven (6+hot spare) 2x4x8s in his car, putting down the back right seat and passenger seat. Dina and I got friendly in the back left seat behind the monstrously tall David who gave us an extra inch of legroom from normal, leaving us with about 3 inches.

Anyway, mission success... check it:
Tags: img, project
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