Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

weekend plans; server

My new server arrived sometime in the past few days. (I have things shipped to work and I hadn't been to work since last Wednesday....)

So tonight's all about setting it up. Of course no install CD had the right drivers, so I just built a kernel on another host and netbooted it with NFS root.

Few billion things to do next, but at least I have ssh up on it now, so I might be done with the 50 trips up and down the stairs from my office to the garage.

The weekend's plans in general:

-- do what I want, with zero scheduling
-- catch up on life errands
-- catch up on [selective] email
-- relax
-- sleep

Note the absence of anything related to zombies or candy or parties or thinking about coordination of any sort.

Update: 51. can't ssh in without a password. (debootstrap sets up root with no password)
Tags: life, tech

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