Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Wireless Update

I'm posting this from the lazyboy, looking out over the city.

This is the first time since February that I've use WiFi either on the weekend or in my boxers (which are pretty much the same thing)

I now have the ESSID set to "FitzPublic" to advertise to the world that this AP is open. (there are already five other networks in range, but pretty low signals...)

The DNS configuration is wonderful:

-- my DNS on my laptop now is going to (my gateway), which is running bind, forwarding DNS to:

--, my linksys router, which has 3 DNS servers setup: first,, my home server, which does all my *.lj fake DNS for dev servers. second, the two Speakeasy DNS servers, in case my home server is down.

-- also runs bind, doing *.lj and then forwarding to the two Speakeasy DNS servers.

The firewall on the wifi gateway doesn't allow me to connect to anything on my house's internal network, UNLESS it's destination is tcp port 80, which lets me connect to the *.lj http services, which are really rinetd port forwards to a ssh -R reverse tunnel from the office that terminates on my house server downstairs.


C:\Documents and Settings\Brad>ping brad.lj

Pinging brad.lj [] with 32 bytes of data:


I can't ping brad.lj, but I can access http://brad.lj/ (www.*, pics.*, pix.*) and do development.

Tags: tech

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