Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Laptop: click, click, dead.

Thinkpad started to click a lot.

Tried to image its hard-drive before it totally bit it, but didn't make it in time. I'd recently bought a 3.5"/2.5" harddrive to USB 2.0 cable, so took out harddrive, plugged it into a computer, saw laptop disk show up, with all ~9 partitions, realized not enough free disk space on host, plugged in to another computer, device didn't show up. Hm, bad USB on second host I thought. Moved it back to the laptop, and now it won't boot.

Did I kill it, or was it really that close to death?

I'm always paranoid-safe about static electricity, more so than most computer vendors. Bleh.

Normally I don't care when laptop disks bite it, but there was one small Perl module I'd worked on in Iowa and in the plane to/from Iowa that I'd totally forgotten about and never copied over. I usually never work on the laptop so much as use them as dumb terminals to ssh and browse from, so I have no backup regiment when it comes to laptops at all.

Oh well. It was a small project, and I can probably redo it better the second time.

More of a bummer is that I have no Windows/IE/Opera to test with for a while.
Tags: tech
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