Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

house shopping

Unrelated to the terrible construction noise, Dina and I went looking at houses today. (We'd meant to go last weekend but things came up.) Our rental lease is coming up soon (Feb 1st) and while I'm sure we could go month-to-month with it, I'd rather stop throwing money away. (When I lived in Oregon I did the math after living in it for a couple years and found that I actually made money on it every month while I was there.)

Of the eight we looked at today in Noe Valley, three were okay, but two we were really excited about. So we named the two good ones "Architect" and "Castle". Architect was bought by an architect 2.5 years ago and remodeled from top to bottom and won some awards, or so we're told. It's beautiful. Castle feels like a castle in the basement with curved stairs and rock archways over doors, and kinda dark in places, and huge, ... so we named it Castle. It really is huge, way more than we need.

So we're probably gonna put an offer on the architect one. We'll see.

West Wing time. bye.
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