Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Data center move, work, people, etc.

Tomorrow night LiveJournal moves from Seattle to San Francisco. That's the plan.

I've only helped with it a bit so far, helping out with MySQL stuff here and there, reviewing plans/details, triple checking stuff, and just being an overall pessimist (which is healthy, right, being paranoid?). Props to Lisa, Matthew, and Junior, who've put in all the actually hard work. They totally deserve a vacation (and a raise) after all this crap is finished.

Hopefully once it's over I can relax and focus on forward progress in other areas. I've been doing some dope JavaScript hacks/libraries I'd like to share, but they're not fully baked yet, and it's more impressive seeing it all together.

We've hired a lot of people in LiveJournal land... we had open reqs for months and months, and just hired 3 people almost all at once:

Artur Bergman: LJ's new engineering manager. famous Perl geek. great guy. friendly, patient, good interface to business people. I've always enjoyed talking to him at conferences, and now he's in the country. (we stole him Europe) shelters dorks from non-dorks.

Henry: starts next Monday I hear? HTML/CSS frontend stuff. Our interface to design people, most likely.

Joey: senior hacker. will help Junior and I with a lot of the system-level infrastructure stuff, most likely. Just started a couple days ago.

And Mischa the Intern Part-timer continues to kick ass. Along with his accomplice/photoshop magician Andy, who did the new theme. (which you can't appreciate fully without a login, I guess... I should hand those out)

So the next couple months should prove interesting as everybody ramps up. And then when Whitaker's back full time in March-ish.

End rambling.

I need a new book. Bored before Daily Show.
Tags: work

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