Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

mac status

Successes with OS X tonight include:

-- looking and feeling how I want. rxvt. Control sends Meta. Backspace works. Page Up/Down without shift. White on black, change the vt100 colors slightly. Change font. And control-click to position cursor!? wtf? I didn't know there were escape codes for that. And it works in emacs in screen. Okay, I'll take it.

-- NFS to my fileserver. Tried SMB first, which got a few KB/second. wtf? NFS is blazing, though. Had to switch my userid. Almost hosed my system. Reboot fixed it. Something was cached that my old uid didn't have admin rights, so I could never do that graphical sudo thing.

-- virtual desktop program. ("Desktop Manager") It's okay. Few notable flaws, though.

-- learning new Mac-ish keybindings. slow going, but going. my rule is I'll only learn new keybindings to use apps, not to hack. for hacking, now makes me think I'm on a regular Debian box.

-- iTunes electronica radio station. cool.

So much more to play with. Screen looks good on this small-ish LCD. Hopefully the Mini actually can drive the DVI @1920x1200 later with the 24" screen.

Sleep cycle messed up.
Tags: mac, switch, tech

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