Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Life update

I'm going to use the new[1] rich text editor to do a rich list of bullets.

My weekend:
  • help my brother Ryan move across town
  • Bubble Lounge: champagne, champagne, and cheese/grape platter
  • took a limo from Bubble Lounge to Zeitgeist (while waiting for a cab... weird story)
  • did phone wiring in house
  • cleaned old rental's garage[2]
  • clean new house's garage
  • cleaned a bunch of stuff
  • got music going in garage
  • got scanner going in garage (on my server out there)
This week:
  • got Malaria pills for upcoming trip to Belize (this Saturday for 10 days)
  • ....
  • wrap up some work
  • like half of LJ dev team:
  • and also:
  • scuba diving
Okay, that was fun.  Eventually rich text will be on by default.  Few things to do first.
[1] in last few minutes
[2] technically we were out of there like two weeks ago, but nobody else is in there yet, and we/Dina never cleaned it.
[3] !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tags: life, scuba, travel, work

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