Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Jabber server status

-- Authentication (digest)
-- Authentication plugin against LiveJournal
-- Inter-user messaging (single node server)

Not done:
-- roster stuff
-- multi-node (but I have a plan which ignores this whole issue: not doing multi-node... making the subclasses deal with it! subclasses of the server must deal with routing messages. then LJ does something fancy, and small users use single-node)
-- server-to-server (shouldn't be that hard?)

Really fun: Jesse and I logged in using our LiveJournal usernames/passwords and chatted, complete with HTML! :P
Tags: jabber, perl, tech

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    Happy 20th Birthday, LiveJournal! 🐐🎂🎉

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    Posting from the iPhone app. Maybe I'm unblocked now.

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    Long time no see. How's my baby doing?

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