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Dolphins, turtles, rays, sharks, diving with just swim trunks ... hell yes. It's still 81F at 70+ feet!

We swam through a 20-25 ft tunnel at ~65 feet that we had to basically crawl through, crawling towards the light at the literal end of the tunnel.

Rented a bike. Can do a lap around the island (Caye Caulker) in maybe ten minutes, lazily. Walking barefoot most the time, though.

Reading in the hammocks.

Growing a beard.

Found the beer distributor and have been ordering cases of beer through them at ~3x less than you can find in restaurants (who charge ~$2US per botttle)

Uploading a couple pics, but microwave link to the mainland isn't the fastest:

(The underwater ones will be better, later.)

How are all you suckas working? Wait, actually I don't care. :P
Tags: belize, life, scuba, vacation

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