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Worst day (well, evening) ever

Any day's going to suck given that:

-- it's a Monday
-- I just spend a week+ in Belize

But factors arose to make this evening especially terrible:

-- had no plan to get home,
-- ended up walking up to Market in thickest rain I've ever seen
-- no umbrella, though it wouldn't have even worked... they were being turned inside out left and right
-- got drenched from head to toe (shoes were full of water from puddles)
-- couldn't find a cab
-- MUNI quarter nonsense and stupid BART vending machines
-- got off MUNI, didn't want to walk up steep blocks home in more rain
-- went to coffee shop, but then it closed before I could call a cab
-- walked home
-- realized I had no key. I'd given it to krissy for house/dog-sitting
-- couldn't get ahold of dina (her phone's broken?)
-- krissy brought it over (yay! the one good thing this evening... thanks krissy!)
-- went to meet David and Mischa for some hacking
-- got a few blocks there and realized car was full of pressed boards from old desk that I haven't found a dump site for yet... had to turn around and unload....
-- ... in the rain
-- headed back to Mischa's.
(still haven't eaten since lunch)
-- waiting for pizza,
-- waiting for pizza,
-- waiting for pizza,
-- David calls. They never got the order. And they take ~60 minutes on a good day anyway. (Zante's)
-- I leave.
-- I get McDonald's, out of desperation.
-- hit wheels going around drive-through. twice.
-- back home, Major's crying.
-- garage is a mess again, after two cleanings.
-- suitcases are still all packed up
-- went to install a debug build of a super-sekkrit app on my Treo 650 and now it's in a reboot loop forever. can't restore it. had to take out the battery to keep it from rebooting.
-- Dina got her car fucked up for the 3rd time: but this time not her fault: somebody stole her side-view mirror

So that's it.

Oh, and Krissy locked her keys in the car today in the parking lot. (we were carpooling). This is more crap for her, but it's crap I witnessed.

Anything else feel like shitting on me?
Tags: hate, life, rant
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