Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Weekend, Again

Woo-hoo! Another weekend hath arriveth. I was going to do a news entry earlier in the week but I never really got around to it. (=FR dina|Dina FR=) came up Wednesday... that was cool. We watched a bunch of TV... the new Dawson's Creek and Charmed on "the WB". After watching all the TV it was late and the weather was bad so we decided it would be unsafe for her to drive two and half hours home to Portland so she just had to spend the night instead. Bummer, huh? Other than that, not much exciting has happened this week. School is going good. Classes are still pretty easy. Got a perfect on my first math quiz, wrote a program to help me memorize Spanish vocab, been programming some stuff to let me graph/animate functional planes and vectors in 3D space. What else? Washed my sheets, restocked the fridge, ummm..... Yeah. That's about it. The weather up here is really turning to shit, but I like it. Rainy, windy, cold is awesome. Lata'
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