Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Tech talk, Outlook, Calendaring, etc...

We started a "tech talk" series at work. Every Thursday at 4pm, some engineer would talk about something cool. I was supposed to do the first one today but I missed it.

So I'm pissed at myself for forgetting, but I'm also pissed that there's still no good calendaring "solution" and "we" use Outlook at work, where "we" means some of the people on Windows.

A good solution would:

-- let Windows users use Outlook, because they won't fucking give it up anyway. Does this mean the solution would require you to speak the Exchange protocol? Or can Outlook speak CalDAV, or can you do plugins? Who knows. Or maybe such a beautiful and integrated client that they wouldn't want Outlook.

-- speak CalDAV or some open protocol, so clients don't have to do shit like Evolution's "Exchange Connector" which just screen-scrapes HTML. (which our company's outsourced outlook provider has altered or something, so Evolution doesn't really work.....)

-- lets users use their own servers, own clients... nothing centralized. if you want people's views of stuff, you aggregate it. if you want to book a meeting room, you book it with that meeting room's server.

-- let you intermix personal/work stuff at least from the same client, even if they're stored on separate servers, but publishing free/busy info to the opposite servers.

-- awesome groups/permissions

-- have a kick-ass web interfaces that doesn't only work in IE


I guess I'll keep Outlook open more often. Uh, I can't even login. Oh, right, somebody changed my password because they accidentally sent an email I shouldn't have gotten, and you can only change your mail password on Windows so my current password is some random thing that somebody else chose. hate
Tags: calendaring, hate, tech
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