Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Brackup Status

Work on brackup continues a bit. Didn't get to hack on it hardly at all today, but there are some good docs now. Check out the svn repo.

The Filesystem target works now, and the DigestDatabase works. Haven't yet done Amazon, but Leon (cudddly) did the hard work yesterday, so I just have to plop in Net::Amazon::S3 and I'm good to go.

Last part is serializing the metafile (the finished backup file you need to do a restore). Was going to use YAML, but YAML in Perl sucks, then maybe XML because Net::Amazon::S3 uses LibXML, but XML, really? Bleh. So now I'm leaning towards old-skool RFC-822 format. If it's good enough for Debian, right?

I should've finished tonight. Want to get back to DJabberd.
Tags: brackup, perl, tech

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