Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

lutimes(2) and Linux

This homeboy is sad that lutimes(2) isn't implemented in Linux.

I didn't even know of lutimes earlier today, because I didn't even know of utime()/utimes(). I was like, "How can I get brackup to restore modtimes? I know tar and rsync do it." So I straced tar, found utime/utimes, was happy, implemented, then found it didn't work on symlinks (or rather, it tried to follow symlinks). Told Whitaker about lstat (vs stat), then he googled lutimes, found it, told me, and I find that Linux
doesn't implement it.

And that was after I straced tar on symlinks and found it didn't do anything, so I had little hope anyway.

But this breaks my brackup test suite which compares the output of "ls -lR" on backup dir and restored dir. So now I have to compare instead some new serialization of the before/after directories, ignoring symlink modtimes. Lame. I thought I was done.

Oh yeah, work on Brackup continues. It restores now. Coming soon to svn and CPAN near you.
Tags: linux, tech

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