Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

Brackup update

Go snag the latest copy of Brackup:

$ svn co brackup

Notably, it now has:

-- restore support
-- the ability to preserve modes/times
-- a really nice test suite

I'll do a tag and release once the docs are updated, probably tomorrow. The Filesystem driver is fully up-to-date, but the Amazon driver is missing the restore methods.

In case I forget, the new decisions made are:

-- backups must be automatable, not requiring user input. this was already a design rule, but now it's formalized. (for instance, already had the idea of just the public key to encrypt, etc.)

-- restores may prompt for user input ("What's your Amazon S3 password?" and "Enter your GPG passphrase."), because they won't be automated or common. and I don't want a restore to require a fully setup ~/.brackup.conf. You probably lost it anyway. So a *.brackup metafile (the one you get after a backup) should contain all the metadata necessary to restore (say, Amazon S3 username), but not secret stuff.

If you try to restore from a driver that doesn't implement the "load_chunk" method you'll just get an error like, "This driver doesn't support restoring." until they're updated. (I'm thinking of the GMail target on CPAN.....)

Shout-outs to the brave people like kvance who are using this already, even before it had restore support. BTW, if you're using Amazon, add the "exist_cache = [filename]" in your [TARGET:amazon] config, so it doesn't have to do HEAD requests on every already-uploaded chunk to verify it already exists. Makes backups tons faster. Note to self: issue loud warning about non-existant existence-caches.
Tags: brackup, tech

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