Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick


With our new public Asterisk server, Jonathan Steinert (hachi) set up a phone in the office which goes straight to the voice post gateway, without dialing.

I then rigged that up to automatically post to sixaphone when you hit just "#" (from the office context) as your number, bypassing all the auth. Also bypassing all the annoying options, so it's always public. And Frank the Goat always appreciates our calls, not just a quarter of the time like all you people.

So yeah, best podcast ever:

For people in the office:
-- pick up the phone next to Jonathan/Sippey
-- wait for "Enter your authorized phone number...." and any time after the word "Enter", press #.
-- record.
-- press #.
Tags: asterisk, hacks, work
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