Brad Fitzpatrick (brad) wrote,
Brad Fitzpatrick

fakesms server

The cool thing about having an extensible Jabber server/baseclass is that I can crank out crazy Jabber servers in minutes.

For testing LJ's upcoming SMS integration, we needed a way for developers to pretend they were sending and getting SMSes from their developer LJ installs. Also, non-technical employees needed to test, so command-line clients are out. Web stuff is too painful async. Working with carriers/SMS aggregators is 10x more painful than all that combined.

Solution? Jabber server, of course.

I forgot about this until I got a Google News Alert about it:

Users log in with username of 5551212 (or whatever phonenumber) and a password of "smstest" (arbitrary), then it's like they have that cellphone, from LJ's point of view.

Here's the server:

The only new code are the two FakeSMS modules:

First one delivers messages into LJ (misc/fakesms.bml endpoints, only enabled for developers), and the other one just puts the sms@$SERVER item into users' rosters, to ease testing.

(SMS from LJ to Jabber is handled by the LJ code when $IS_DEV_SERVER)
Tags: djabberd, hacks, work

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